The Iron Strong Podcast

Ep. 21: Finding Facts During A Pandemic and How To Reduce Your Chronic Disease Risk with Dr. Mark Gomez

Episode Summary

In Ep 21 of the Iron Strong Podcast, Coach Guy and Dr. Luke sit down with Internal Medicine Physician and Host of the ToYourHealth with Dr. G Podcast, Dr. Mark Gomez. We brought on Dr. Gomez to speak on a myriad of health topics including; the current state of the Novel Coronavirus in our country, how finding facts are difficult, how to mitigate your risk during these times, and when and how are sports going to return. We also cover the three common chronic disease conditions he sees in his clinic, how we can do better as individuals and as a country to improve our health, and what are the things to look out for going forward. This is a truly great discussion with a doctor who is a true promoter of health and wellness for all. We hope you enjoy!

Episode Notes

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Please use facts from trusted sources on the current Coronavirus Pandemic

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