The Iron Strong Podcast

The Iron Strong Podcast is a podcast devoted to helping people optimize their health through performance, recovery, nutrition, and mindset. We will be bringing on leaders in these fields to discuss trending topics and research supported techniques to help you optimize your health now and in the future.

Co-hosted by Dr. Luke Greenwell and Guy Petruzzelli. Dr. Luke Greenwell has his Doctorate of Physical Therapy as well as his Certified Strength and Conditioning Certification with a post-doctorate degree in Spinal Manual Therapy with an emphasis on sports medicine. He is a former D-1 soccer player with 8+ years of experience in rehabilitating injured athletes and owns RecoverRx Physical Therapy. Coach Guy Petruzzelli is a Professional Duathlete as well as Level 2 CrossFit Coach, POSE Method Running Coach, Power Speed Endurance Coach, and has his Precision Nutrition Certification. They both enjoying collaborating to help anyone and everyone perform better in the gym and throughout their lifespan.